1956 BEECH D-50 for sale (see  BEECH D-50 for sale )

Registration number:
Manufacture: BEECH ( see all BEECH D-50 for sale )
Model: D-50
Type: Multi-Engine Prop
Year: 1956
Source: Aircraft Shopper Online
Price: $55,000
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1956 BEECH D-50 for sale description

Engine/Prop Information: Airframe:   Hours Engine(s):   GSIO-480, 340 HP     701 L-SMOH/750 R-SMOH Prop(s):   640/640 SPOH Maintenance Condition:
  • Low Time Props
  • Narco IFR
  • Two Spare Engines also Available
  • Narco Radios Two with Glide Slope and One with Localizer
  • Heavy Hartzell Propellers HC-B3Z20-2A/10151
  • Cleveland Brakes
  • Airstair Door with Snubber
  • Split Yokes with Rudder Pedals on Both Sides of Cockpit not Swing over Yoke. Queen Aire Elevator and Horizontal
  • Long Range Tanks 230 Gallons
  • Overhauled Gear
  • Extended Baggage in Rear Area with Front Baggage Door
  • Radome Nose by Beechcraft
  • New Blue Leather Interior with Six Seats and Couch
  • New Paint Stripped Sheet Metal Repaired where needed Aladine and Painted with Polyurathane by Aero Paint 11 in Griffn, GA
  • D 'Shannon Glass all New with Speed Slope Windshield
Remarks: This airplane was an Army aircraft that was cared for very well. It was taken to Beachcraft and Cross Roads Aviation with other military aircraft in the late 1960's and 1970's and completely overhauled with new wings landing gear. engines, airstair door , baggage door, nose cone, tail, seats and brought up to standards of the Queenaire. It had about 7,000 hrs at that time and now has hrs so very low time since very extensive rebuild. Aircraft alone for . There are two spare engines one overhaul and one overhaul with new inspection by Columbia engine shop in 2004 with new log book. These engine sold separately.

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