2000 BOMBARDIER INC Challenger 604 for sale (see  BOMBARDIER INC Challenger 604 for sale )

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Manufacture: BOMBARDIER INC ( see all BOMBARDIER INC Challenger 604 for sale )
Model: Challenger 604
Type: Business Jet
Year: 2000
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2000 BOMBARDIER INC Challenger 604 for sale description

Price: Click on the image for a larger view or the magnifier for a PhotoZOOM view (PhotoZOOM is best viewed with a fast internet connection) Summary: Engine/Prop Information: Airframe:   Hours     1,289 Landings Engine(s):   Left - S/N: CF34-3B#872741: 3,231 Hours, 1,289 Cycles     Right - S/N: CF34-3B#872742: 3,231 Hours, 1,289 Cycles APU:   Honeywell GTCP-36-150 - 452 Hours Maintenance Condition:
  • 400 Hour Airframe Inspection due in 187.8 Hours
  • No Other Major Maintenance Requirements Scheduled throughout 2009
  • APU 500 Hour Inspection in 48 Hours
Note: Due to minimal use of the APU MSP account for rectification work on the installed APU, Honeywell, the manufacturer, have upgraded our existing APU to the new model GTCP-36-150. This upgrade and the airframe SB kit installation was completed at Midcoast Aviation July 2007. Maintenance:
  • Enrolled in Bombardier Smart Parts Plus Program
  • Enrolled in Honeywell MSP Program for the APU. New Upgraded -150 APU Fitted
  • Enrolled in General Electric's MCPH Engine Program
  • Enrolled in and Current on CAMP Maintenance Tracking Program. CASA Approved Maintenance Controller on site at AVWest to Project and Plan Maintenance Full Time
  • Main Wheel Tyre Assembly (Spare Onboard Aircraft)
  • Nose Wheel Tyre Assembly (Spare Onboard Aircraft)
  • Main Wheel Storage
  • Tronair Axle Jack & Storage Box
  • Aft Equipment Storage Box
  • Aft Equipment Bay Door Steps
  • Maintenance Ladder
  • Wet Weather Cabin Door Entry Canopy
  • Full Set of Spare Tyres Held at AVWest Facility
  • All Manufactures Service Bulletins (SB) and Regulatory Airworthiness Directives Have been complied with by Current due Dates
Comments: The aircraft has no history of damage repairs, lightning strikes or heavy landings. Aircraft is currently running with zero defect open on the maintenance release system. All major due maintenance completed at Bombardier approved Service Centre - Midcoast Aviation in the USA on the 12th September 2008. Works completed include 12/24/48/96 month inspections. 400/800/1600/3200 hour inspections. 96 month complete undercarriage overhaul. Full applicable service bulletin review and upgrade for engines / airframe & avionics. Avionics:
  • COMM: Triple Collins VHF-422C w/ 8.33 Sp
  • LR NAV/FMS: Triple Collins FMS-600 As per SB604-34-002 Rev. 1
  • NAV: Triple Collins VIR-432 w/ FM Imm. As per SB604-23-002 Rev. 1
  • GPS: Dual Collins GPS-400
  • ADF: Dual Collins ADF-462
  • SAT/AFIS: Honeywell AFIS with Printer
  • DME: Dual Collins DME-442
  • EGPWS: Honeywell MRK V w/ Wind Shear
  • TPDR: Dual Collins TDR-94D
  • TCAS II: Collins TTR920 Inc Change 7
  • RAD/ALT: Single Collins ALT-55B
  • CVR/FDR: Loral F1000 Series
  • HF COMM: Dual Collins with Selcal
  • SATCOM: Collins 6 Channel
  • Radar: Collins RTA0854
  • IRS: Triple Litton LTN 101
  • EFIS: Collins EFD-4077 Pro Line 4 6 Tube
  • Phone: Magnastar C-750 w/ 2 Hand Sets
  • Audio International Dual DVD Player
  • 2 x 18" Rosen Flat Screen Wall Mounted
  • Airshow Network 400 Cabin Display System
  • Cockpit Glare Shield Camera
Additional Items:
  • Jump Seat with Crew Oxygen with Audio Panel and Footrest
  • Enhanced Auto Throttle System
  • Emergency Medical Kit
  • 3 Additional Cabin Windows
  • Cockpit EROS Oxygen Masks
  • Winglet Static Discharger
  • Passenger Smoke Hoods (Each) x 2
  • Additional Therapeutic Oxygen Outlet & Mask
  • Common Keyed Locks
  • JAR Op 1 and FAR 135
  • RVSM
  • RNP 5 & 10, BRNAV and MNPS
  • Passenger Seating Consists of Forward Four Place Club and 2 Four-Place Divans. Full Berthing
  • Retractable Boardroom Table
  • All Interior Leather Professionally Treated on a 2 Monthly Basis. All Floor Coverings Dry Cleaned Regularly. Fire Approved Removable Carpet Runners Fitted to the Aircraf
  • Comprehensive Lavatory and Wash Facility Located at Rear of Aircraft
  • Forward Galley
    • Convection Oven
    • Microwave Oven
    • Ice Store Drawers
    • Hot Water System
    • Chilled Storage Areas for Prepared and Dry Food
    • Trash Receptacle
    • Aerolux Nespresso Machine
  • Polish Crew Windshield Frame Surround
  • Landing Gear Undercarriage Painted
  • Exterior Paint Condition is Deemed Excellent with Regular Paint Protectio Treatments Applied
  • All Bear Metal Areas Polished and Protected From Corrosion

BOMBARDIER INC Challenger 604 for sale