1996 BOMBARDIER INC Challenger 604 for sale (see  BOMBARDIER INC Challenger 604 for sale )

Registration number:
Manufacture: BOMBARDIER INC ( see all BOMBARDIER INC Challenger 604 for sale )
Model: Challenger 604
Type: Business Jet
Year: 1996
Source: Aircraft Shopper Online
Price: $13,495,000
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1996 BOMBARDIER INC Challenger 604 for sale description

Price:                     Click on an image for a larger view Engine/Prop Information: Airframe:   Total Time: Hrs     Cycles: 2,931 Engine(s):   General Electric CF34 3B     #1: TSN: 6,786 Hrs Cycles: 2,931 SN: 872053     #2: TSN: 6,786 Hrs Cycles: 2,931 SN: 872054 APU:   Honeywell GTCP 36-100E     TSN: 6,448 Hrs Cycles: 4,272 SN: P-505 Maintenance Condition:
  • Green C of A Date: August 1996
  • Location: Lanseria, South Africa
  • Maintenance Program & Warranty
    • Aircraft is Enrolled on SmartParts plus $709/Hr, Contract # SP 5318-63
    • Engines on "Complete" JSSI Program, $232/Hr, Contract # FA-604-005318-B
    • APU on JSSI Program, Fully Paid $131.12/Hr, Contract # FA-604-005318-B
    • CAMP $1,300.00/Quarter
Maintenance:       All Scheduled Maintenance is up to Date
  • ASB72-A0212 R 3 complied with
  • AD CF-2008-16 Part 1 and 2 complied with
  • AD CF-2008-12 complied with
  • AD 2008-08-06 complied with
      Upcoming Maintenance:
  • 400 Hour Check: 167.4 Hours Remaining
  • 6 Month Check: due 8 Apr 2009
Avionics:       Collins ProLine 4 (6 Tube EFIS):
  • Dual Collins AVSAT FMS-6000 Flight Management Systems
  • Dual Collins FCC-4006 Digital Flight Control Computers
  • Dual Collins ADC-850E Digital Air Data Computers
  • Dual Collins DCU-4000 Series Data Concentrator Units
  • Single Dual Channel Collins Integrated Avionics Processing Systems (IAPS)
  • Six Collins EFD-4077EFIS Display Tubes with EICAS
  • Single Collins MDC-4000 Maintenance Diagnostic Computer
  • Collins TWR-850 Weather Radar (RTA 854)
  • Dual Collins WXP 4220 Weather Radar Control Panels
  • Dual Collins Radio Altimeter (ALT 55B)
  • Triple Litton LT N-101 Inertial Reference Unit
  • Dual Collins GPS-4000 Global Position Sensor
  • Dual Collins VIR-432 Nav Receivers (FM Immunity)
  • Dual Collins DME-442 Distance Measuring Equipment
  • Dual Collins ADF-462 Automatic Direction Finders
  • Dual Collins TDR -94D Mode S Transponders (-007)
  • Dual Collins RTU -4000 Radio Tuning Units
  • Dual Collins VHF-422D Comm Transceivers (8.33 kHz Spacing)
  • Dual Collins HF-9000 HF Communications System
  • Coltech CSD-714 Selcal Decoder System
      Additional Avionics Equipment:
  • Collins TCAS-94 Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System
  • L3/Fairchild A100S Cockpit Voice Recorder
  • L3/Fairchild F1000 Flight Data Recorder
  • Honeywell Mk V Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System
  • Artex C406-1 ELT (121.5/243/406 MHz)
  • L3/BF Goodrich WX-1000E Lightning Detection Sensor System
      Communication, Cabin Entertaining and Optional Systems:
  • MagnaStar C-750 Telecommunications Management System
  • Iridium Flight Phone
  • Collins/Airshow GENESYS Cabin Information System (Airshow)
  • Baggage Compartment Smoke Detector
  • Pulse Lighting Unit
  • Entertainment System (DVD, CD Players)
  • Fwd and Aft Monitors
  • 110 Volt Outlets
      The Following Installation or Modifications are Incorporated:
  • SB 604-34-001 - Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System
  • SB 604-34-004 - Third Inertial Reference System
  • SB 604-34-005 - Second Radio Altimeter
  • SB 604-34-008 - Lightning Detection System
  • SB 604-34-020 - Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System
  • SB 604-34-031 - Basic Mid Life Avionics Upgrade Rockwell-Collins Precision Plus
  • SB 604-34-035 - FMS; New V-Speed Data Bases
  • SB 604-34-037 - Elementary Mode S Surveillance/ACAS II
      The Aircraft Fulfill the Following Requirements:
  • ACAS II (TCAS II with Change 7)
  • RVSM
  • Mode S Elementary Surveillance
  • JAR-OPS1 Subpart K & L
  • IFR Cat. I & II, NAT-MNPS, RNP-10, RNP-5 and BRNAV
Additional Features:
  • BCCI Completion (Montreal/Innotech)
  • Certified for 10 Passengers (Plus 1 Toilet)
  • Individual Jump Seat
  • Additional Rear Cabin Window
  • Fwd. Viewing Clare Shield Camera System
  • Additional Cabin Oxygen Outlet
Interior: The aircraft features a 9 passenger interior; forward there is Galley with Wood trim and Gold finishes moving aft there are four (4) executive seats arranged in a double club setting with fold out tables, aft features a RH 3 three (3) place berthable divan opposite two (2) executive chairs. The extended cabin then leads into a lavatory with sink and walk in baggage storage area. There was an interior refurbishment undertaken in May 08 with new head and side liners installed new carpet as well as seat leather replacement, the woodwork was also refurbished. Exterior: Painted Feb. 2005 - The exterior features an overall Matterhorn White finish with Light Grey and Blue accent striping. Weights:
  • Max Ramp Weight: 48,300 Lbs
  • Take off Weight: 48,200 Lbs
  • Landing Weight: 38,000 Lbs
  • Max Zero Fuel Weight: 32,000 Lbs
  • Basic Operating Weight: 26,686 Lbs
  • Max Fuel Weight: 19,850 Lbs
  • Aircraft Empty Weight: 28,205 Lbs
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BOMBARDIER INC Challenger 604 for sale