1972 CESSNA 340A for sale (see  CESSNA 340A for sale )

Registration number:
Manufacture: CESSNA ( see all CESSNA 340A for sale )
Model: 340A
Type: Multi-Engine Prop
Year: 1972
Source: Aircraft Shopper Online
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1972 CESSNA 340A for sale description

Price:           Click on an image for a larger view Summary: This is a repossessed aircraft to submit a bid please do so by email. Engine/Prop Information: Airframe:   TT     Hobbs: 3,799 Engine(s):   Cerminil Cylinders     Left: TSIO-520-NB 757, 1,202 SMOH     Right: TSIO-520-NCNB, 1,145 SMOH Prop(s):   Left and Right: McCauley-3AF32C, 1,018 SMOH, 7-25-96 Maintenance Condition:
  • Annual due: January 2008
  • Static System due: Sep 2005
  • AD 00-01-16 Exhaust System complied with 9-07-00 Hobbs 3224.6
  • 183 Gallons Fuel
  • No Damage History
  • Dual King KX 175B Nav/Com
  • King KN 65 DME
  • King KT 76 Transponder
  • King KR85 ADF
  • King KI 525A HSI
  • Micro Vortec Generators
  • South Wind Heater, Next Inspection due-Heater Hobbs 1,322
  • Left and Right Windshield Installed 1994 and 1995
  • Factory Corrosion Proof throughout Airframe
  • Morrow II
  • King KMA 20 Marker Beacons
  • RMEI RCA AVG 46 Radar
  • 612C Loran
  • Silverton Fuel Flow
  • EGT
  • Intercom
  • Edo Air Mitchell Autopilot, Coupled 3-Axis
  • Co-Pilot Instruments
  • Pneumatic De-Ice Boots, Hot Props, Alcohol Windshields
  • Leather and Cloth
  • White with Orange and Brown Trim
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