1981 CESSNA Citation III for sale (see  CESSNA Citation III for sale )

Registration number:
Manufacture: CESSNA ( see all CESSNA Citation III for sale )
Model: Citation III
Type: Business Jet
Year: 1981
Source: Aircraft Shopper Online
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1981 CESSNA Citation III for sale description

Price:             Click on an image for a larger view This aircraft is flown by the owner. It is equipped with incredible avionics including Garmin 530 with WAAS, Garmin 430, Dual Garmin 330 Transponders, MX-20 MFD with Weather, JEPP Plates. 550-0304 recently went through a Phase V Inspection and is Part 135. Airframe:   Hours Total Time     5,322 Landings Engine(s):       Left   Right Serial Number:   70869   70866 Hours Total Time:   6,158   6,155 Cycles since New:   6,598   6,060 Hours since Major Overhaul:   2,968   1,319 Hours HS:   1,319   1,319 Avionics:
  • Autopilot: Sperry SPZ-500
  • CVR: Yes
  • Global Positioning System: Garmin 530 w/ WAAS/Garmin 430
  • COMMs: Garmin 530 Nav/COMMs
  • Flight Director System: Dual Sperry SPZ-500-5"
  • Multi-Function Display: Garmin MX-20 w/ Weather Uplink & Approach Plates-Displays Traffic and has TAWS
  • NAVS: Garmin 430 Nav/Comm
  • ADF: Dual Collins ADF-60
  • Transponder: Dual Garmin 330
  • High Frequency: Collins HF200
  • Radar: RDR-2000 with Vertical Profile
  • DME: Dual Collins DME-40
  • Thrust Reversers
  • Gross Weight Mod
  • Push To Talk Conveniently Mounted on Pilot Yoke
  • Freon Air Conditioning
  • Baggage Mod
  • Part 135
  • Seven Passenger Interior with Lavatory
  • Forward Coat Closet and Work Station
  • Woodwork completed in High Gloss
  • Seats completed in Light Blue Leather with Grey Carpet
  • Completed New November of 2000
  • Overall White with Blue and Gold
  • Completed New November of 2000

CESSNA Citation III for sale





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