1979 CESSNA Citation III for sale (see  CESSNA Citation III for sale )

Registration number:
Manufacture: CESSNA ( see all CESSNA Citation III for sale )
Model: Citation III
Type: Business Jet
Year: 1979
Source: Aircraft Shopper Online
Price: $995,000
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1979 CESSNA Citation III for sale description

Price:         Click on an image for a larger view Summary: Engine/Prop Information: Airframe:   Hours Total Time     8,534 Landings since New Engine(s):   Left: 8,352 Hrs TT, Hot Section due in 283 Hrs, Next Overhaul due in 1,983 Hrs     Right: 6,371 Hrs TT, Hot Section due in 1,399 Hrs, Next Overhaul due in 1,303 Hrs Maintenance Condition:
  • Phase 1-IV c/w 1-28-09 @ 8,542 Hrs
  • Phase V c/w 7-10-08 @ 8,489 Hrs
  • Complete and Original Logs since New
  • Cescom Report Available Upon Request
  • No Damage History
Avionics:        Honeywell SPZ-500 w/ '5 Tube' EFIS Display (*)
  • Universal UNS-1K w/ GPS - FMS
  • Dual Honeywell RM850 (RMU's) COMs
  • Dual Honeywell RM850 (RMU's) NAVs
  • Fairchild CVR
  • ADC Air Data Computer
  • Honeywell LSZ-850 Lightening Sensor
  • Dual Honeywell DME's
  • Dual Honeywell DF-850 ADF
  • Honeywell Primus 800 Color Weather Radar
  • Dual Honeywell EDZ-805 EFIS Displays
  • Sandal - TAWS
  • Dual Collins AHC-3000 AHRS
  • RVSM Certified
  • RT-300 Radar Altimeter
  • Coupled VNAV System
  • Ryan TCAD
  • Dual Honeywell Mode S Transponders
  • Dual Honeywell AV-850-Audio Control Panels
  • Honeywell AOA w/ Indexer
  • Dual FD w/ AP Switching (1 or 2 FD's)
Equipment Options:
  • Fwd Left Galley
  • Thrust Reversers
  • Aft Extended Baggage Mod
  • Aft Coat Rod
  • Keith Freon A/C
  • Anti-Skid Brakes w/ Annunciation
  • Indirect Cabin Lighting
  • Center Aisle Carpet Assembly
  • Aft Flushing Lavatory
  • Mid-Cabin Executive Tables (2)
  • Engine Sync
  • Engine Fan/Turbine Synch
  • 64 Cu Ft Oxygen
  • 11,000 LB Zero Fuel Weight Mod
  • Seven Full Belted Seats in the Cabin
  • Maintenance Manuals, Fly-Away Kit, etc.
  • Overall White w/ Light Blue, Dark Blue and Gold Metallic Trim
  • Rated 7/10
  • Beige Leather Seats w/ Navy Blue Side Panel Trim (Mid-Cabin Club) 2+7 Passengers
  • Rated 6.5/10
Comments: (*) This aircraft was the prototype used by Honeywell in 1988 as the beta test platform for the installation of the then brand new Honeywell SPZ-500 '5-Tube' EFIS avionics suite. The avionics have been squawk free since installation! The aircraft is maintained at the Cessna Citation Service Center (Sacramento, CA.) and is ready for immediate inspection & delivery from Carson City, (CXP) Nevada.

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