1980 CESSNA Citation III for sale (see  CESSNA Citation III for sale )

Registration number:
Manufacture: CESSNA ( see all CESSNA Citation III for sale )
Model: Citation III
Type: Business Jet
Year: 1980
Source: Aircraft Shopper Online
Price: $1,750,000
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1980 CESSNA Citation III for sale description

Price:         Click on an image for a larger view Summary: Engine/Prop Information: Airframe:   Total Time: Hours     11,700 Cycles Engine(s):   JT15D-4, TBO: 3,500         L/H   R/H Total Time:   9,874   9,910 TSO:   1,230   750 TSHSI:   290   Maintenance Condition:
  • Phase 1-5 Performed July 2009
  • On Cescom since New
  • Flight Director/Auto Pilot: Sperry SPZ 500 w/ FD SPZ 500C (5" & 4" Display)
  • Communication: Dual Collins VHF-21C (8,33 KHz), COM 3 Collins VHF 251
  • Navigation: Dual Collins VIR-30 - 10 (FM-Immunity)
  • DME: Dual Collins DME-40
  • ADF: Dual Collins ADF-60A
  • Transponder: Dual Honeywell MST-67A - Mode S Diversity
  • Weather Radar: Primus 400 Color Radar
  • Radar Altimeter: Sperry AA-215 Radar Alt. w/ Repeater on Copilot Panel
  • FMS/GPS: Universal UNS-1M FMS
Additional Equipment:
  • RVSM: RVSM Certified & BRNAV Certified (ADC AZ 252)
  • EGPWS: Sandel EGPWS ST 3400
  • TCAS II: Honeywell TCAS II Rev. 7
  • CVR. FDR: Fairchild GA 100 - CVR, Fairchild F800 - FDR
  • ELT: ELT 406-2
  • New Flight GWI: New Flight GWI, MRW 14 700 Lbs - MTOW 14 500 Lbs - Will Give You Full Fuel Load and 7,5 Passengers Onboard Legally
  • Misc: Thrust Reversers, Goodrich Wheels & Brakes, New R/H & L/H Inlets, Pulse Light, Logo Light, Davtron Clock, Rosen Sunvisor, 64 Cu. Ft. Oxygen
Interior: 8 passenger executive configuration in a double club configuration with executive tables and an aft sidefacing non-belted flushing potty seat. Two pyramidbars placed between club configuration. Seats are in Eggshell-White with matching carpets and sidewalls. All woodwork painted in Light Egg-Shell and in excellent condition. Forward & aft dividers and forward jeppesen stacks. 11 passengers high density configuration available - not installed. Interior condition as new. Exterior:
  • Overall White with Grey, Yellow and Black stripe. Condition as new.

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