INGE CH-601 for sale (see INGE CH-601 for sale )

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Manufacture: INGE ( see all INGE CH-601 for sale )
Model: CH-601
Location: Luton, Great Britain
Source: Controller
Condition: NEW
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INGE CH-601 for sale description

Faster 487kts, Farther 2500nm, Higher 49,000ft - Place Your Order Now for a Defined Delivery, Call for Information
The SJ30-2 High performance business jet is being offered by Action Aviation, the world’s largest distributor in 66 Countries, having ordered numerous aircraft to service its territories. The SJ30-2 light jet is the fastest at 486knots – mach 0.83, the longest IFR range, 2,500nm, with the highest service ceiling of 49,000ft. The SJ30-2 has a 12.0 PSI cabin pressurisation system which means it can fly at 41,000ft with a sea level altitude cabin. This is indeed unique.

Faster – Mach 0.83/486 Knots, Farther -2,500 NM, Higher – 49,000 ft. …..than any light business jet available today.
Sea level pressurization at 41,000 ft, 7 seats, toilet.

New SJ30-2, year of Manufacture: 2006

Certification status: FAA, Single Pilot IFR

Seating: 7 Seats total
Engine Specs:
Engines: 2 x Williams FJ44-2A Turbo Fan Jet

Engines with a combined take off thrust of 4600 lbs
Honeywell Epic Avionics System

- Dual VHF Comms with 8.33 KHz spacing
- Dual RMU’s (Radio Management Units)
- Dual Audio Panels
- Dual Transponders (1 Mode C/1 Mode S)
- Dual Navigation Units (1ADF / 1DME)
- Dual ADC’s (Air Data Computers)
- EFIS (MFD & 2 PFD’s)
- Autopilot
- AOA Stall Warning
- Weather Radar
- Radar Altimeter
- ELT with Navigation
- TCAS II (with Mode S)
- Single FMS/GPS
Additional Equipment:

- Leather Crew Seats
- Self Contained Flushing Toilet
- Dual Yaw Dampers
- Locking Fuel Cap
- Extended Range Oxygen Capacity
- 110V Cockpit and Cabin Outlets 500 Vamps
- Cabin Temperature and Lighting Control Panel
- Moving Map, Capability in Passenger Cabin
- Iridium Phone System (1 Wireless Handset in Cabin)


- Max Speed: Mach 0.83 / 487 knots
- Long Range Cruise Speed: Mach 0.78 / 446 knots
- Service Ceiling: 49,000ft
- IFR Range Full Fuel: 2,500nm
- Stall Speed: 91 knots
- Crew Certification: Single Pilot IFR
- Landing Distance: 847metres
- MMO above 29,500ft: Mach 0.83
- VMO up to 29,500ft: 320 knots
- V Ref: 105 knots
- Speed Brake Operation: No Speed Limit
- Max Ramp Weight: 6386kg
- Max Take Off Weight: 6340kg
- Max Landing Weight: 5784kg
- Max Zero Fuel Weight: 4772kg
- Empty Weight Equipped: 3629kg
- Max Fuel Quantity: 2246kg
- Max Baggage Compartment Weight: 227kg
- Take off (Balanced Field Length): 1071metres
- Pressurization: 12.0 PSI
- Cabin Pressure Altitude up to 41,000ft:Sea Level
- Cabin Pressure Altitude up to 49,000ft:1600ft
- Cabin Volume: 307cuft / 8,69m3
- Passenger Cabin Length: 12ft6ins / 3,81m
- Cabin Width: 4ft10in /1,47m
- Large Cabin Door Width: 32ins / 0,81m
- Total Internal Length including Cockpit:17ft7ins / 5,36m
- Matterhorn White Base with Customers Choice of Trim Lines
- Rear Club 4 Seats Reconfigure to a flatbed sleeping position
- Sliding Cockpit Doors
- Side Facing Flushing Toilet
- Aft Facing Cabin Seats with Armrests
- Forward Facing Cabin Seats with Armrest
- Card Tables LHS and RHS
- Cabin Side Consoles with Magazine Storage
- Mid Cabin Divider with Stowing Doors
- Leather Passenger Cabin Seats
- Cabin Window Shades with Inner Panes
- Five (5) Reading Lights plus Two (2) Table Lights
- Eleven Overhead Lights
- Lower Drawer Cabinet
- Full Height Refreshment Centre

INGE CH-601 for sale