PILATUS P3-05 for sale (see PILATUS P3-05 for sale )

Registration number: N4103T
Manufacture: PILATUS ( see all PILATUS P3-05 for sale )
Model: P3-05
Location: Rockford, Illinois
Source: Controller
Total time: 3975 Hours
Condition: USED
Overhaul: 1152 SMOH
Price: US $149,000
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PILATUS P3-05 for sale description

325 hp Turbo Charged Conversion, fresh annual, Price Just Slashed to Move!
The Pilatus P-3 series aircraft is an all metal, piston engine, tandem two seat, high performance military trainer with retractable landing gear and constant speed propeller, and was used for primary and advanced training, including aerobatics, night and instrument flight. Cruise speed, with the Noble Turbo 520 conversion, is 160 KTAS at around 18 GPH. Stall speed is 58 KIAS, with a VNE of 270 KIAS. Rated +6G & -3G with a rate of climb well over 1000 FPM at a gross weight of 3473 lbs. Wing span is 34 ft., with length at 28 ft. The gear and flaps are electric, with a 24 volt system. Gear and flap speed is 120 KIAS.

Built to rugged Swiss requirements, and completely corrosion proofed internally, this robust aircraft is a delightful flyer, with excellent technical support and spares available in the U.S. Certainly one of the finest Warbird values!

Recent Pilot Report May 9, 2008:
Here's my impressions after flying the Pilatus P-3 for four hours:

First off, it is amazing how nice the aircraft is, especially considering that it is 50 years old. The cockpit is roomy and comfortable, and the visibility is phenomenal. Also, the paint, inside and out, makes the airplane feel like new.

The P-3 has a max gross weight of nearly 3500 lbs. However, the turbocharged engine and large flight controls make for a very responsive and light-feeling aircraft. During the test flights, I flew as high as 14,500 ft. It is also impressive how the climb manifold setting of 35 inches is maintainable all the way up to altitude. With the installed oxygen system, high teens are both achievable and practical.
In cruise, with power set to 2400 RPM and 30 inches, and the fuel flow set to 18 gph on the JPI, the true airspeed exactly matches the flight manual at 160 KTAS. With 70 gallons total in the mains and aux fuel tanks, 500 nm with very good VFR or IFR reserves are possible.
Overall, I completely enjoyed flying the Pilatus. You have so thoroughly refurbished this aircraft that someone is going to enjoy it a great deal. Thanks again for letting me enjoy your Warbird.
Richard Hess, International Jets, Gadsden, AL
28-Year USAF and ANG pilot and commander, 20-year airline pilot, 20,000 hours flight experience in fighters, attack, trainers, transport, airliners, general aviation, and Warbirds. An instructor or evaluator for 28 years, over 600 hours in the L-39.

See complete specs and additional photos of the Pilatus P-3 at www.courtesyaircraft.com

3975 Hrs TTSNEW
Engine Specs:
Continental TSI0-520-P, 325 hp
1152 Hrs SMOH by Victor Aviation
857 Hrs STOH by Victor Aviation with new cylinders
McCauley D3A34C402, 3 blade
958 Hrs SPOH by Memphis Propeller Service
163 Hrs since inspection and reseal by Midwest Aircraft Propellers
Garmin GNC-420 GPS/com
King KX-155 digital nav/com
King KI-209 Glideslope/ VOR/LOC indicator
King KT-76A transponder
ACK AK-350 Mode C Altitude encoder
Audio/ Transmit selector panel
Hypervox intercom
Bose noise canceling headset
Avionics master switch
Mid-Continent GPS Announciator/Control Panel
Additional Equipment:
Full modern gyros – both cockpits
Heated Pitot
JPI EDM 700 engine monitor with fuel flow and T.I.T.
Taxi light
Landing light
Nav lights
Strobe light
Baggage compartment
Flight hour recorder (Hobbs)
Tinted one piece canopy
Cleveland wheels and brakes
Noble Aviation auxiliary fuel tank
76 gallon fuel capacity
Bruce’s canopy cover
Medium Metallic Blue with Red and White trim, factory PC-7 design, DuPont polyurethane, very good condition
Light Grey overall, Black glareshield, Medium Blue fabric seat cushions, fully updated and restored, excellent condition
Inspection Status:
Annual inspection due May 2009
IFR certification due May 2010

PILATUS P3-05 for sale