Alliance: SkyTeam Alliance
Information: Aeroflot ? Russian Airlines, or Aeroflot , is the Russian national airline and the biggest carrier in Russia.

It is a member of the SkyTeam Alliance. It was also the national airline of the Soviet Union and was once the largest airline in the world. It is based in Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow (with corporate headquarters next to Aerostar Hotel, central Moscow). As of 2005, Aeroflot serves over 80 foreign destinations in almost 50 countries.
Reviews: Absolutly lovely experience. The plane was packed with Russians going on vacation. We were probably the only no-russian on board. Plane was old but looked very clean inside. The flight was on time. The Il-86 is not noisy at all from the inside, very very smooth flight. The F/A were vvery nice, english speaking. The cabin was very roomy, seats very old and not so confortable. Food was ok, very fresh salad (with fish and eggs). perfect landing on Sochi old concrete runway. Thumbs up all the way.I am an Aeroflot frequent flyer, In general they have good service in business class however their fleet of TU154 is very old and needs replacment. Also their main hub Sheryemetovo 2 is an awfully under dimensionned airport, hopefully the new hub that will operate end of the year will be better and more spacious.