Avianca Colombia

Alliance: None
Information: Avianca (acronym for Aerov?as del Continente Americano, formerly Aerov?as Nacionales de Colombia) is a commercial airline headquartered in Barranquilla, Colombia. It is the sixth largest air carrier in Latin America and the largest airline in Colombia, holding the title of flag carrier since its founding in 1919.
Reviews: Excellent Service. I enjoyed it more that American Airlines. Better food, seating and service. I was surprised by the on-time departure and arrival. From what I've been told since the merger with Ocean Air, punctuality has become a norm.Great service, great flight. This airline has been growing since it converted its image to the classic red again. It will soon boom into a powerful airline becoming Avianca with Avianca Ecuador (VIP), Avianca Brasil (Ocean Air), Avianca Paraguay (Oceain Air Paraguay that will soon begin operating), and offcourse Avianca Colombia.