Air China

Alliance: None
Information: Air China is the People's Republic of China's state owned and second-largest commercial airline and is based in Beijing. It is the flag carrier and the only airline to fly the PRC national flag on its entire fleet. Its logo is a phoenix in the form of the abbreviation VIP. Its main base is Beijing Capital International Airport.
Reviews: Absolutely LOUSY service. Flight was delayed for 7 hours and 35 min!! There was no proper explanation as to why the flight was delayed. Check-in counter staff was totally unfriendly and unhelpful. She did not give us proper instructions as to where to go next since there was a delay.

Initially they said the flight was delayed from 1525hr to 2000hr. They took 2 hours to arrange for us to stay at a secluded 1-star hotel and then told us the flight may be delayed even later than 2000hr. We were made to wait indefinitely for the green light from the airport staff to check out from that hotel. NO airline crew accompanied us at the hotel to give us updates on the situation. Airline headquarters had absolutely no clue about the flight delay and could not provide us with any information either.

We demanded to see their manager for a proper explanation but no higher authority turned up at all. Eventually the flight took off at 2300hr.

Disgusted with the nonchalance and poor attitude of all the staff. Everyone shirked responsibility and said the matter was not under their area of concern. Night shift people shirked responsibility and said they were not informed about the delay and what happened in the afternoon. Will boycott Air China from now on and advise ALL friends and family NEVER to take Air China.