Air Pacific

Alliance: None
Information: Air Pacific is the international airline of Fiji and is based in Nadi. It operates scheduled services to Australia, Canada, Japan, Kiribati (Christmas Island), New Zealand, USA, Tonga and Samoa. Its main base is Nadi International Airport.
Reviews: On May 29, 2008 my wife and I booked and paid for a confirmed flight on Air Pacific Limited from Los Angeles to Sydney by way of Nadi, Fiji leaving LAX on Feb. 04, 2009 and arriving in SYD on February 06, 2009. Out of nowhere and without our consultation or approval the airline rescheduled our flight to leave LAX on Feb. 05, 2009 without any consideration to the confirmed reservations we had to make the connection from Pittsburgh to the Air Pacific Flight on Feb 04, 2009 or the hotel reservations we had in Sydney.

When I contacted the airline I was given the choice of Feb. 03, 2009 or Feb. 05. 2009. I insisted that we had to be in Sydney on Feb. 06, 2009. I asked them to book our flight on another carrier which they refused. I then said I would accept a full refund which they verbally agreed to. Well the refund came through with an $800.00 penalty which I am still fighting for.

The best part is the flight they rescheduled us for. It had us connecting in Fiji for a flight that had already taken off. They forgot to take into consideration the fact that Fiji is on the other side of the International Date Line. I would like to know if anyone else was affected by this flight cancellation. Contact: