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Reviews: Flew in May 2008, economy class

Had e-tickets which are just printed receipts, you have to get real tickets at the counter. leg from jfk to fco, arrived to checkin 3 hrs before flight, no line at check in, smooth process. Flight was 60% full, had an entire row during the flight. Flight took off and landed on time. Seats were hard, cabin temperature fluctuated. Given dinner box with choice of pasta with red sauce or pasta with spinach and cheese, a roll, a 2 inch almond tart, a package of saltines, a tbs packet of cream cheese, a small piece of chocolate. Staff came around with water. Breakfast was a 2 packages of fruit cake/ crackers with coffee/ tea. Bad. I don't know if all the flights that land at FCO do this, but we landed in the middle of the airfield, then came down the stairs, then boarded buses to the terminal.

Flight back a week later: delayed one hour, no communication, kept calling for passengers. Flight crew arrived at the time we were supposed to be departing. Were taken on buses to the airplane... annoying because when a bus was full, staff would just let you wait then chat until the bus came, italian way of customer service? Flight back was 80% full, full of screaming babies, the meal was the same as descibed; a snack was this rancid smelling turkey sandwich, which i did not even open. I felt too sick. Bathrooms are dirty and floors are sticky.

Overall: Would fly again only if I saved more than $100 a leg, if not, go with another airline.