Thai Airways International

Alliance: Star Alliance
Information: We don't have an overview for this airline just quite yet. Check back often, though, as we are continually updating our airline information!
Reviews: Thai is the most horrible airline I have ever encountered. A couple of months ago I was flying with my wife and 1 year old son from Copenhagen to Bangkok. From the beginning till end the service was terrible. I had to ask 4 different people for a glass of water. My son was not offered anything to eat during the entire flight. The staff consistently approached my wife in thai language (she's Indonesian). To top it all off, my wife was accused of stealing a purse belonging to one of the crew members which resulted in him searching through all of our bags in front of all the passengers. After this he didn't even have the decency to apologize to my wife.

When I complained about the incident, the airline just e-mailed an insincere apology. Any other descent airline would have given some sort of compensation for the harassment and embarrassment we suffered. So unless you enjoy bad service and public humiliation, I would suggest looking for another airline.