Freebird Airlines

Alliance: None
Information: We don't have an overview for this airline just quite yet. Check back often, though, as we are continually updating our airline information!
Reviews: We travelled with Freebird to Turkey this summer. Our destination from Scotland was Dalaman direct. However we dropped in to gatwick before traveling on. Strange but never mind, worse was to come. On the return journey booked for Glasgow we were surprised to find Manchester as the destination. On enquiring at the airport we were told that there was no intention of flying to Glasgow although more that 60 passengers had booked just such a flight. We were also not flying at 05.40 but at 07.30. Of course we can deal with delays but altered destinations are another story. On arrival at Manchester where we were not apparently expected by ground crew we were asked to leave the plane as there was a coach available to take us to Glasgow. Ground crew who came onto the plane told us to wait where we were as there was in fact no coach. The Turkish crew were distant and unhelpful-they were asked to provide water to the passengers but did not do so.After the passengers had refused to leave the aircraft till they knew what was happening an armed police unit came on to the aircraft-apparently this is standard for any airline incident. Ultimately the same ground crew told us that a coach had been sent for and we disembarked. The journey home was long and uncomfortable and I would suggest that Fire Bird are selling seats on false pretences and/or that there is something quite strange going on with this airline.