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Reviews: Flyglobespan opened up Man - YYZ routes in Nov 2006. Having previously travelled wih a number of charters, I decided to test the airline out. Business class was offered the same price as premium economy due to a computer glitch. I should have known then that it this flight was not going to be plain sailing. From the original booking : No email confirmation, No terminal number to arrive at and not able to select seat or order food even though it was sold as this online. It took about three weeks before I could select those options and still no email or terminal indication so I had to phone the call centre in Glasgow. Very unhelpful and sounded surprised about the lack of information. The flight from Manchester on 22nd December was only the start of it. I checked into the desk only to find the business class desk full with people. Nope not 24 people, as thats how many seats are available in this cabin, but about 50 in front of me. Airline agents walked the queue and checked tickets, even when my ticket was checked, they did not raise an eyelid or attempt to help me speed up my checkin. The plane itself was tired and battered looking, the audio socket was faulty, and the lack of IE was a disgrace : 2 films and 2 out of 9 radio stations working throughout the seven hour flight. The footrest on my seat was very stiff and did not respond well to the adjustable button. There were no inflight magazine just a leaflet with duty free in the middle two pages and the back mentioning the films and nothing else. The duty free was very limited and did not sell cigarettes which is very bizzare. On landing in YYZ, the wait of 90 mins to collect luggage was tirseome. Economy passengers all received their luggage first so priority collection is a joke. On the return leg, there was no lounge access offered even though this is part of the deal. Other passengers in my cabin also received no offer of a lounge. We waited over an hour for a drink to be served, nothing before take off either. There were no blankets or pillows for this overnight flight which was a disgrace and no bottles of water on the seats waiting. After the meal was served, passengers started to sleep as expected, however there was no sign of any duty free offered as I was awake the whole flight. No speaker announcement or indeed a trolley passing through! Oh no! Nothing! To sum it up, business class treatment is an absolute disgrace from start to finish, I dread to think what passengers are treated like in economy. They have a long wya to go if they want to attract new customers in the future.