Hawaiian Airlines

URL: http://www.hawaiianair.com/
Alliance: None
Information: Hawaiian Airlines is the 11th largest commercial airline in the United States. It is the largest airline based in the State of Hawai'i and is commonly referred to by the acronym "HAL". Hawaiian Airlines' hub is located at Honolulu International Airport in Honolulu, Hawai'i and operates a secondary hub out of Kahului Airport.
Reviews: Inflight was very clean. Flight crew was very friendly. Hard to non rev out on as flights are almost always full outbound.We have flown twice with Hawaiian Airlines from Vegas to Hawaii, both times paid in first class. First time October 2006 (our first OS holiday) they over booked our seats & were unable to seat us in First. They offered us over night cheap accommodation near airport & flight next day. We were unable to accept as we were only staying three nights in Hawaii on our way home to Sydney & our accommodation was paid for in a far more expensive hotel in Hawaii. We ended up taking the economy seats, 5 in total.

Once we got home to Sydney I rang Hawaiian to recover my money for the difference between the economy & first. I was told in a round about way bad luck & go away. To be honest they were rude pigs. We found most Americans to be very friendly to Aussies, but not Hawaiians for some reason. What we did not realize was, that once you take the seat you forfeit the difference. We ended up recovering a little bit of the money from the travel agent we booked with, only because we took our complaint to a radio station in Sydney.

October 13th 2007. We had done a similar holiday LA, Vegas onto Hawaii on the way home. As Hawaiian are the only ones who fly direct to Hawaii from Vegas we decided to fly with them again. (You would think I would have learnt my lesson) Anyway all good until I pick my bag up at the airport in Hawaii. My toiletry bag had been run over & squashed. The bag & everything in it was demolished, Aftershaves, creams, electric toothbrush, medicines, etc & a lot of small souvenirs we had bought along the way, not to mention the bag looked like it had been used to test a bomb in it.

We went to the Hawaiian airlines people at the airport & showed them the bag. They said it was an accident then threw five of the items in the bin & put the rest of the items in a plastic bag & said sorry but you will need to contact "your" insurance people. Anyway, after arguing for about 90 minutes they decided to offer me $200 & a dirty old second hand bag, in which I declined both offers. As the money would not have even replaced the aftershaves & our luggage was matching & cost twice that amount. The worst part was, they thought it was funny & they were very rude & deliberately made us wait, hopping we would just leave. I finally got a form from her. Then on the form she made out hardly anything was wrong. I have been back for two weeks now trying to recover what is owed to me. I have spoken with tree different people who all tell me they are going to email me forms to fill out. Nothing has arrived.

I have worked out that the people at Hawaiian airlines are not very nice people & do not care too much about anything or maybe they are just too lazy to do anything? Therefore, with an attitude like this it is just a matter of time before something goes wrong for them.

My advice don't go near this Airline!! Put it this way I would rather swim home then go through all this again. The last thing you need on holidays is this sort of crap, they sure know how to spoil a persons holiday. Feel free to contact me as I am happy to provide photos of bag & forms.