MAXjet Airways

Alliance: None
Information: Maxjet was a U.S. based all business class airline flying routes from New York (JFK), Los Angeles (LAX), and Las Vegas to London Stansted Airport. The airline ceased operation due to financial difficulty on December 24, 2007.
Reviews: 9 JUL

Customer Service Agents were rude at best, not kind, not professional, not courteous. The extent of the conversation between the agent and I was, may I see your passport, and the gate number. No eye contact, no smile, no thank you, but I got a you're welcome! The departure was 45 minutes late due to the replacement of an oxygen bottle in the cockpit..ok. We arrived 1 hr and 15 mins late with no apology whatsoever.

FLIGHT SERVICE-BAD. Canapes were about a week old along with the bread...both stale. Salad was limp and not edible with no choice of dressing. I've had better meals in COACH class. The dinner was served with plastic ware and napkin and the breakfast was served with silverware and glassware...who screwed up there? OVERALL, the service was barely COACH class..nowhere near the business class of any domestic carrier. Also, the food carts could at least bare the MAXJET logo vs. the old TWA logo. It made me wish TWA was still around even though N260MY was an old TWA plane. BY the way, the purser on this flight was very unprofessional and I could not understand a word he said!