Uzbekistan Airways

Alliance: None
Information: We don't have an overview for this airline just quite yet. Check back often, though, as we are continually updating our airline information!
Reviews: We have travelled several times the so called direct Athens - Tashkent connection using Uzbekistan Airways. It is not uncommon for the company to reschedule the flights in the most unexpected way, showing no respect at all to the passengers. We rarely got what was on the ticket, either the times or the routes were usually changed. Long delays, last minute cancellations of the flights with no explanation given in any case and the best of all: you go unsuspected to the airport only to find out that your "direct" flight to Athens is actually going through Cairo first! To all this the staff remained un-bothered and indifferent in all cases. And a small detail: at their Athens so called headquarters they don't accept ANY credit card! All amounts must be paid cash!

We have also used Uzbekistan Airways a couple of times in national flights to Samarkand and Bukhara. The airplanes are antiquated Antonovs and Tupolevs and I must admit we felt somewhat unsafe at times. There was no air-conditioning in the planes and while before take-off the heat was tremendous, during the flight we found ourselves shivering with cold... We have had enough of Uzbekistan Airways and next time we will have to travel to Tashkent we will certainly try hard to find ANY alternative.


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