Vietnam Airlines

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Reviews: Hanoi - Saigon on VN-A144 as flight VN219 28 Aug 07.

The terminal in Hanoi is relatively new. The check-in counters suffered a computer failure and although the flight was supposed to leave at 1300, checking didn't commence until that time, with no-one seemingly knowing what was going on, and only at the counters was there a note taped to advise that the aircraft would be late arriving.

Aircraft duly arrived at 1330 and the cleaning crew boarded and as soon as they had left we boarded.

The cleaners did a reasonable job in such a short time, but there were still a few bits on the floor, especially between the fuselage and the seats. On the positive side though, the cabin crew were terriffic and the meal was quite adequate, though obviously designed for the smaller Vietnamese diet.

The flight itself was OK arriving only 45 minutes late.

It is my belief that that given everything working properly and ontime, Vietnam Airlines would have provided a great flight. International flights, if the cabin crew are of the standard that I experienced on the domestic side of things, would be pleasant and comfortable.