Zoom Airlines

URL: http://www.flyzoom.com
Alliance: None
Information: We don't have an overview for this airline just quite yet. Check back often, though, as we are continually updating our airline information!
Reviews: Marketed as a value for money airline. Any monies we saved had to be used to repurchase connecting flights, even though we had 6 hours between supposed arrival of Zoom Flight and the connecting flight. Also staff were not very helpful at all. On the flight was concerned to see an elderly passenger, unable to walk unaided and clearly with a bandaged arm seated in the exit row next to the door. Very lax attention to Safety procedures. Also flight time is a lot longer (due to routing - not mentioned anywhere at booking) than other airlines on this route. Would never use Zoom again.I used Zoom a lot when I lived in Vacnouver and found them to be great - far better than the service I received from BA, Air Canada or even Lufthansa. Of the 6 flights I had, one was delayed but as it was delayed by a whopping 12 hours, I didn't actually have to spend any more time at the airport than I would ordinarily...I just turned up 12 hours later. Also, because of the delay, the check-in lady let me only pay half of my excess luggage fee (which saved me $100 - I was leaving Canada for good). I also experienced a first with Zoom: the flight attendant brewed a pot of decaf coffee just for me (and did so cheerfully). And, of course, a complete bargain. My favourite airline.