Newark International Airport

Country: United States
State: New Jersey
City: Newark
URL: or
Phone: (Port Authority) +1 (1)212 435-3772
Timezone: GMT-5
Latitude: N 40.692501
Longitude: W 74.168671
Elevation: 18ft aMSL
General Airport Information: International, New York, NY 26km (16miles), Position 40°41´36"N, 074°10´07"W, Elevation 5m (16ft), 3 Passenger Terminals
Runway information: 1. Runway 04R/22L 3,043m (9,983ft), Aircraft size max 747 Belly cargo only, ILS, Lighting
2. Runway 04L/22R 3,354m (11,003ft), Lighting Approach on 4L, MALSR, VASI, REILS on 22R
3. Runway 11/29 2,073m (6,801ft), Lighting Centerline and edge VASI and REILS both ends
Passenger Facilities/Services Information: 91 gates, 1 Airport Hotel
Cargo Facilities/Services Information: Security for Valuables, Building 154, High value secured cage