BusinessElite Lounge

Free alcohol: Yes
Showers: No
Smoking: No
Location: Concourse E
Reviews: - Showing 1 of 1 reviews of this lounge. Reviewed by Bill: Date of Visit: November 11, 2006 I visited the Delta BusinessElite lounge in terminal E in Atlanta in November 2007 before boarding a Korean Airlines flight to Seoul. The lounge is comfortable, I visited in the late morning so it was pretty empty. The receptionsts were extremely helpful, helping me score an exit row seat on the Korean Air flight after the checkin agent out front told me she couldn't get it for me. However, the amenities in this lounge are pretty weak considering it is a Business Class lounge in Delta's home city. The food selection was pitiful, basically a tray with supermarket bite-sized muffins and another plate of pretty stale croissants. There was a bowl of fruit salad which was pretty picked over when I arrived. I checked a couple times while there and to my knowledge it wasn't refilled. And no free WiFi. God, I paid $7k for my airline ticket, why are you nickel-and-diming me for another $7.99? Why bother having a Business Class lounge at all? You may as well just send everyone to the Crown Room Club. Pretty weak experience. It's embarrassing how poor this club is, perhaps some Delta exec's should go overseas and visit Business Class lounges in other international cities to see how far behind the curve they are!  - Add Your Own Review - This lounge page has been viewed 509 times  Disclaimer: The information contained on this webpage was accurate at the time of publication. While we endeavor to maintain a completely accurate database, the information contained herein is subject to change without notice. FlyerGuide.Net cannot take responsibility for any inaccuracies in the information presented on this web site. If you see any incorrect information presented, please contact us and let us know!