Aerounion A300 crash in Monterrey kills 6


AeroUnion A300B4-200 XA-TUE crashed near Monterrey (Mexico) International Airport onto an adjacent highway this morning. There are conflicting reports as to whether the flight, which was scheduled to fly Mexico City-Monterrey-Los Angeles, was taking off or landing when the accident occurred. The 3 crewmembers aboard the aircraft, as well as 3 people on the ground, were killed. The cause of the accident is still under investigation.



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   I agree with Alex that this goes too far and inhibits on our right to prvciay. Over Spring Break I flew from Milwaukee to Pittsburgh and I thought that TSA has actually become pretty lenient even when the threat level is at orange. I have been to many airports all over the U.S. before and after 9/11 and I'm starting to think TSA is becoming to relaxed. Of course you still have to take your shoes off and other things but after 9/11, if you traveled with your laptop, you had to turn it on to show it was functional. When I traveled with my laptop, I didn't have to anymore and I walked through the scanners with 3 shirts on and I wasn't asked to take them off so I would only have one shirt on since you're suppose to go through security scanners wearing only one shirt. I understand that security needs to be strict but these full body scanners go too far.




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   The Government needs to take urgent and deiicsve action to ensure that incidents of this kind are not repeated. There needs to be a lawful system of training and conduct that is applied consistently across all airports, rather than the current haphazard and rushed approach which is already showing its flaws. I may be overly scared for nothing but would people change their minds if the bomb would have been successful(the one to Detroit)? I mean, I would also feel uncomfortable knowing someone could basically see every bit of me but the man with the bomb attached to him went through an airport undetected and if these scanners were there that wouldn't have happened! It is a hard thing to say because I do agree that many people would not like it and many people would probably stop air travel. It is just a question of how far are we willing to go for safety measures? If it wasn't for the bomb attempt in December I would definitely say that this is a breach of privacy but that situation proved that the security of airports is not perfect and this may be the best way to reach complete safety. I would definitely say that the people working and watching the scanner should have extensive training and obviously background checks to make sure that they are reliable and trustworthy of the job. [url=]bbucojykls[/url] [link=]fyrflmej[/link]




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Antonio Vite

   Sad day 4 us, shocking news, as far as we know, the aircraft was making the final approach on very bad weather, started the missed approach and in no time was crashing down, there were 5 crew members (3 pilots, 2 mechanics) and an airport worker who was in its way back to home after day´s end... A pray for all of them and their families...


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