European airspace closing due to ash cloud


United Kingdom airspace will be closed midday on April 15, 2010, due to a drifting volcanic ash cloud after an eruption in Iceland. Airlines are scrambling to reschedule flights and prevent passengers from traveling to the airport, particularly London Heathrow. Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands also announced the closure of their airspace, authorities in each country said. In all, around 3,000 flights across Europe were expected to be affected by the closures, according to Eurocontrol, the intergovernmental body that manages European air travel. NATS does not expect the airspace to reopen until at least 1800.



   This, though, has priacactl applications. There have been several incidents since I got my license where RDF came in handy; tracking a small planes ELT when it went down in a rural area and tracking someone who had been jamming local police channels. Not so much with LARP.




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   I was supposed to be going on hoaidly with my Grandma Grandad when this happened. We were going to Egypt on 15th April, got to the airport, supposed to be flying at 9:25am, delayed until 1pm then they put a call out at 10:45am saying flight's been cancelled, collect your luggage, go home and come back in the morning for another flight at 8:25am.Watched the news for next 2 days and we decided to cancel and rebooked Majorca on 23rd May. We got a hoaidly in the end!




   Spanish airspace also effected by ash cloud




   It is very strange to see nothing in the air, at times when you sometimes see 10 to 12 aircraft flying over at 30000 feet. Now the skys are blue, no aircraft noise, no contrails, nothing. It feels like we are back when the brothers wright were trying there first attempts to fly. Hope it doesn't take much longer for all the people who are stranded on the airports. Regards Didi


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